Where Can I Find You?

Where can I find you O Lord?
Where is it that I shall seek?
Are you in the fast flowing rapids?
Or the rhythmically burbling creek?

Does your finger run over the hill tops?
Does it plump up each fluffy cloud?
Do you smooth out the valleys below you?
As they hide ‘neath a misty shroud?

Do the waves of the ocean applaud you,
Each time they crash on the shore?
Does the wind through the trees sing your praises?
Whilst rain hails you with each downpour?

Will I find you amongst the children
Playing together at school?
Or will I see you amongst their teachers
As they enforce each little rule?

Are you on the commuter trains
That are so frantic and overflowing?
Do these city folk — who seem so busy,
Know you’ll be wherever they’re going?

But what about the battlefields?
And the children caught unprepared?
Say you are there with them Lord
When they’re feeling so frightened and scared.

And the tsunamis, the floods and the earthquakes–
Are these all part of your plan?
Are you there in the terrible aftermath?
Helping each woman, child and man?

I know O Lord you are with us
In the quiet and in the fray.
You’re lifting our chins, picking us up
And listening each time that we pray.

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