Crocodile Song

Most others out there are wary of me.
It’s hard to believe, ‘cos as you’ll see-
Like lots of other creatures in an egg I started,
Chipped my way out, then to the water was carted.
Mum did her best to take good care of us
We rode in her jaws like a rudimentary bus.
She taught us to hunt down by the water’s edge
Sneaking up on creatures hiding in the hedge.
In the beginning we were tiny and sweet
Basking in the sun on top of Mum’s feet.
But after awhile, Mum soon disappeared.
We weren’t too worried ‘cos we felt well prepared.
I’m really big now so I s’pose it’s only fair
That my meals try to stay away and beware.
I’m no longer sweet, as I am rather large,
Gliding through the water like a living barge.
I’m old enough now, to begin a family.
I have to find a mate that would like to help me.
I’ll lay eggs in a nest and wait for them to hatch.
Then take them to the water and show them food to catch.
It’s tough for the babies, surviving in the wild.
But everything I was taught I’ll teach each child.
So maybe I’m not surprised you’re wary of me
I’m big and I’m strong and I’ll protect my family.

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