Lightening Verses Thunder

Lightening rules our Sky tonight,
But Thunder wants a piece.
Lightening cracks — illuminates fear
And Thunder will not cease.

Crash to Boom the duo shall duel,
And battle for power over Sky.
Rain joins in, soaking Earth,
Hearing Thunder’s mighty cry.

“BOOM!” he bellows. “Shiver in fear,
as I rumble over thee!
Cower under my bulging roars.
Lightening, concede to me!”

“KAPOW!” she replies. “I light you up!
I warn Earth you are near.
I think you’ll find no one is scared,
They marvel, but do not fear”.

So on they argue, Rain’s in time,
Pouring to drench old Earth.
Grass is drowning, trees drink up,
Thunder roars with mirth.

Now Wind will come to move him on,
To try his luck out west.
So Lightening leaves, though Rain remains
To get it all off his chest.

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