Space Hotel Please!

I’ve been gazing at the stars,
And I wonder if I could–
Live up there in space with them–
Though I don’t know if I should.

Inside a Russian space station
It’s very cramped and tight,
With lights creating daytime
As outside it’s always night.

I’d have to exercise each day
To keep my muscles strong.
As gravity would not exist
They wouldn’t last too long.

My sleeping bag I would attach
To hooks upon the wall.
Otherwise I’d float around
And wouldn’t sleep at all!

The kind of food I’d have to eat
Is dried and pre-prepared.
No fresh fish or steak or cake
Or pizza to be shared!

How would I take a shower?
Or use the loo up there?
It’s hard enough down on Earth
Untangling all my hair.

And what about my friends?
How will I keep in touch?
I’d be away for so long,
I’d miss them all too much!

So maybe I’ll just wait on Earth
For things to progress more.
And maybe then we’ll find in Space,
Hotels, restaurants galore!

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