Packing for Outer space

When heading into outer space

Remember these few rules:

Never pack a puppy dog

Or your finest jewels.


Leave behind the kitchen sink,

The duvet from your bed,

Don’t bother with your hair shampoo —

Shave your head instead.


Promise you won’t try to bring

Your little baby brother

Or your next door neighbour

And especially not your mother!


Neither shall you think to bring

Your trophy from last season

Nor your favourite footy stars,

There really is no reason.


Please kindly leave behind on Earth

Your hockey stick and blades

But you may consider bringing

Your strongest pair of shades.


You can also pack a toothbrush

And some clean underwear

And how ‘bout a book to read

In-case you’re bored up there?


And once inside the spaceship

You will surely see

That had you not obeyed these rules

There’d be no room for me!

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